Broken Link Finder

The Industrial-Strength Broken Link Prospector for Agencies and Advanced Inhouse Link Builders

The Broken Link Finder automates the discovery of broken, dead, error or otherwise non-functioning web pages and sites that still have links pointed at them. Tap into the Power of LINK ROT for Building a Steady Source of High Quality Links

Hello Linkbuilder!

I've used broken link building on behalf of my clients for over a year now. It's a consistent tactic that delivers 2-10% conversions day in and day out. It's such a strong performer that I'm actually 2 full months ahead for one of my clients (oh what a feeling ;).

Not only is broken link building a strong performer, but it's one of the lowest risk tactics around, surpassed only perhaps by "just being completely awesome."

What sucks though - REALLY sucks - about broken link building is finding thouse dead pages or sites with 1000s of still-existing links.

Without the Broken Link Finder it took me hours - sometimes days - and really killed my margins. Not to mention my enthusiasm. And because I used several different tools for scraping links and checking statuses I'd often get lost when I stopped for the day and had no idea where I left off.

I knew that my time spent prospecting was a HUGE problem, but the incredible reliability of the links kept me at it.

When I talked over beers with Russ Jones of Virante about the number of links I was earning for clients he got real quiet (if you know Russ, this is a rarity). When I told him my process he started shaking his head and laughing. "You poor bas!%#@. You could TOTALLY automate that," he said.

How could I say no? Russ is an SEO tool factory so I knew he had the chops for it, so he helped me pull together the first prototype.

On the very first run, I found a single dead URL that I used to build over 60 links for a client (at $150 per link).

And it took me 2 minutes of my time - not 2 days.

The version you're about to use scrapes 8x more than that early beta version I tried...

Unfortunately we can't offer free trials. It's just too powerful of a tool, but packages start at just $67/mo. You're welcome to sign up and cancel though - all credits are rollover, cumulative and never expire. There is a gold mine of 404s out there ready to be prospected. Let the 404 Gold Rush Begin!

Watch the Demo

  • Offer New Low-Risk Link Building Tactic to Your Clients.
    Finding effective link building strategies that are low-risk and white hat is hard. Seriously, you can count on one hand the number of effective white hat link building strategies. Broken link building is one of them, and this tool makes it scale.
  • Save Hours if not DAYS of Your Time.
    Time is money in link building. Your competitors are buying or spamming links so you need tactics that are safe AND effective. With the broken link builder, you can find opportunities quickly with less than a few minutes of effort.
  • Write Content You Know Will Bring Links!
    Now that you know the content that acquired hundreds if not thousands of links in the past, you can create content that targets those very same links. Why create content that you only hope will get links when you can create content that already has!
  • Build Authority Links
    You will be surprised at how many EDU and GOV links turn up that are completely within your grasp.
If you sell your link services to clients at only $25 per link, you can easily turn $67 into over $1000 in client billable links with just 1 good broken link opportunity.

Three Easy Steps

Create Your Campaign
Add Your Keywords
Reserve Your Opportunities

Tech Specs
For each keyword you add to the Broken Link Finder...
  • 280 Unique Search Queries Yielding...
  • 28,000 Linking Pages, Yielding on Average...
  • 300,000 Potential Link Targets...
  • Filtered Down to Strong Broken Link Building Opportunities...
  • Which You Can Sort by Link Popularity and Relevance!
To be clear, no human could be this thorough in finding broken link opportunities in days, much less the minutes it takes for data to start propagating in your account.