Broken Link Builder:

The Internet is an ecosystem. Sometimes organisms die, leaving room for new entities to take their place. In this digital “Circle of Life,” Broken Link Building is the evolution of a given piece of content. When domains and/or URLs 404, Broken Link Builders can serve the ecosystem and their rankings by building an original, quality replacement.

Our Broken Link Builder finds dead pages close to any topic area. It can save your prospecting team hours by finding thousands of opportunities, cutting away the process of finding dead sites and their list of backlinks.

Results qualification will still be necessary if you’re searching for that perfect opportunity, but as a wise narwhal once said, “evolution isn’t without a little trial and error.”

What is Broken Link Building?

Broken link building is the link building method that is a white-hat link building strategy which acquires links by finding broken links, reproducing that broken link’s content, and helping webmasters convert broken links with your corrected link for link building purposes.


  1. Use the Broken Link Builder to find broken, dead or otherwise non-functioning pages related to your topic area.
  2. Choose pages you can recreate (with original content) or that are related to content you’ve already created.
  3. Reach out to site owners, letting them know they’re linking to a broken page and suggesting your content. As of January 2016, you can import contacts directly from the Broken Link Builder into Buzzstream.


When done right, with quality content, Broken Link Building is content tactic that serves the web. You’re helping build links to your site AND keeping the web full of fresh content.

Save Hours of Your Time

With the Broken Link Builder, you can find opportunities more quickly than with a traditional Google search. A typical report takes only 30-60 minutes of prospecting to find relevant opportunities.

brokenlinkBENEFITS OF

Offer New Low-Risk Link Building Tactic to Your Clients.

Finding effective link building strategies that are low-risk and white hat is hard. Broken link building is one of them, and this tool makes it large enough for enterprise clients and companies.

Write Content You Know is Needed

Now that you know the content that acquired hundreds or thousands of links in the past, you can create content that targets those very same links. Why create content that you only hope will get links when you can create content that already has!

Build Authority Links

Even EDU and GOV links turn up as linkers to broken pages. Now, they’re within your grasp.