Ready to try broken link building, but aren’t sure where to begin? We’ve broken Citation Labs resources into a mini educational series to help you get started.

Step 1:

Learn About Modern Broken Link Building

“Broken Link Building: It’s not like the department store; it’s like the flea market.”

In this webinar, Garrett French explain how to approach broken link building with a curator’s mindset.

  • You’ll learn the difference between “Replacement” and “Fix + Suggestion” broken link building tactics.
  • You’ll understand strategies for developing on-point broken link building search terms.
  • You’ll know how to look at a resource with a “flea market” frame of mind, finding good catch’s among the Internet’s clutter.

Want to get even more philosophical with your broken link building strategy? Read our thoughts on link rot to understand why vertical curators see broken link building as a brand mission.

Step 2:

Use the Broken Link Builder for Your Link Building Campaign

The Broken Link Builder Tool Guide will take you through the steps to create your first campaign and will explain features of the Broken Link Builder tool, such as how to easily access to records for each result and how to import contacts into Buzzstream.

broken link builder

Use the guide to learn how to choose keywords and browse our Frequently Asked Questions to see where other tool users have gotten stuck.

If you have additional questions, contact [email protected].